The SmartPlus Cloud software allows to view the data from the E-Power sockets in a web environment that can be queried online via any mobile or desktop device equipped with a web browser.
The cloud platform can be accessed in either "Administrator" or "User" mode.

Featured Box Image
Featured Box Image
The harbour administrator can:
- Add new clients
- Add credit to a client
- Allocate a socket to a client
- Set the SwitchOn credit of the assigned socket
- Set the energy/water cost for each user
- Switch sockets on and off
- Monitor energy and water consumption
- Monitor alarms
- Reset sockets
- View a client's credit transaction history
- View a detailed panel showing any socket's fault or alarm status
- View an interactive map of berths/sockets
A user can:
- Monitor one or more assigned sockets
- Set the minimum and maximum power consumption thresholds for the alarm activation
- Set an anti-theft alarm
- Set a minimum credit treshold, below which an alarm will be activated
- View the real-time power consumption
- View the power consumption history
- Switch the sockets on or off
- View the credit top-up history
- Add credit by PayPal or by credit card
- View the balance credit